About Us

We are kids and teens, that will teach you how to negotiate. In cooperation with the company Schranner AG we want to make you negotiation pro‘s!

With our tipps and tricks you will be able to easily get more pocket money, more time in front of the pc or anything else you desire. Also, we lead the kids/teens section of the Summer Camp.

If you are wondering what the Summer Camp is, feel free to go to our videosection and search for „Summer Camp“. There you will find all the information you need!


"Kids have a genuine approach to negotiations. They make their demands with a certain lightness and use their charm to always arrive at a solution. Kids are the best negotiators."      

Matthias Schranner

“Fighting is easy, negotiating harder and winning the hardest.”

We are here to teach you how to win, every time.

Negotiating-What is that?

Negotiation sounds boring. But it isn’t at all. To negotiate is not only to pull somebody over the table, like we would all think. Negotiations are everywhere. Even there, where we wouldn’t expect them. Like in discussions, in fights with adults like your parents or with your friends. To negotiate right could make many advantages. If you would win every fight, every discussion, because you could convince with the right arguments what a feeling would that be. Many people are still thinking that this would be unreachable or impossible. That’s right. You can not win everything but the most. We’ll show you how it works.


Why You ?

Kids are the best negotiators. We believe that you can deal with negotiations. But dealing is not the same as winning. We’ll show you how to win. You have many problems as a child or a teen. The missing point to the better grade or more pocket money. There are so many things, you could get more out of if you had the right know-how. Knowing how to negotiate is not only for useful for young children  and teens, it becomes even more improtant for adults. The earlier you start, the longer you can practice.

In out workshop, we will teach you how to negotiate correctly with your parents. We will stay in St. Moritz, Switzerland; for three days. It surely is one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. Many amazing outdooractivities are waiting for you! For example a high rope course, flying kites an even grilling on the highest grilling spot in Europe!! For more information click right  HERE .


Nature is important to us! Because of the climate crisis we support Plant-for-the-Planet. Felix Finkbeiner founded the organization which wants to plant over 1000 million trees to stop the climate crisis. To reach this big goal, Plant-for-the-Planet does not only work with the SNI, but with many other companies. For each child who signs up for one of our workshops a tree is planted. For more information visit the Plant-for-the-Planet website or visit one of their academies and become a Climate Justice Ambassador like us and rescue the planet!


Manager's Message

My name is Fabio and I'm the founder of  SNI Kids&Teens.


I got the idea of teaching kids how to negotiate when I participated in the Negotiation Summer Camp 2015. Felix Finkbeiner, who presented his organisation "Plant-for-the-Planet", talked about how hard it is for kids to negotiate with adults.

This inspired me to put together a team and begin to teach kids how to negotiate. I think it‘s fascinating how even the smallest tips can change your everyday life.