You can change the world


Yes. You can. And we mean that literally. The key to changing the word is to get your ideas and the ideas of others to the top to make a difference to the better. To do that you not only have to have a great idea but also skills of convincing, listening to others, getting you opinion through and much more. All that is negotiating. So start learning how to negotiate and change the world.

To negotiate is not only to pull somebody over the table, like we would all think. Negotiations are everywhere. Even there, where we wouldn’t expect them. Like in discussions, in fights with adults like your parents or with your friends. To negotiate right could make many advantages. We think that negotiating is taking a big part in our daily lives.


"words change minds"

Never forget that!


Learn how to negotiate


7 Ways to get better

7 simple tipps, which can lead to a victory sometimes!

Here are our 7 principles of negotiating to get the basics done in every situation


Summer Camp

Adults – tall and unreachable. That's what most kids and teens think. But how can you negotiate with them?

Here's our Summer Camp in which you get to know certain skills and loads of fun


Online Classes (coming soon)

Here are our intense trainings to get deep into the art of negotiating